Friends of the Bristol Animal Shelter

Shelter Policies

482191_273039116161862_783281422_nThe Bristol Animal Shelter impounds stray dogs and sick or injured cats only. Persons wishing to surrender an animal must contact a private humane agency.  Click HERE for a list.

All complaints must be filed either through the Bristol Police Department or the Bristol Animal Shelter. Animal control does not respond to wildlife complaints – any and all wildlife complaints must be handled by the Department of Environmental Management, which can be reached at 401-222-2284. If you have a concern about injured wildlife, please contact the Wildlife Hotline at 401-294-6363 or visit Wildlife Rehabilitators of RI Association’s website.


Adoption Policies

In order to adopt an animal from the shelter, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid form of identification. Adopter must show proof of home ownership or a rental lease which allows pets. The adoption fees are $125 for cats and $175 for dogs, payable by check or money order only. Adoption applications are filled out at the shelter, after you have met and interacted with the animal and have interviewed with an officer. All animals available for adoption can be viewed on Petfinder.


Volunteering at the Shelter

The shelter welcomes and accepts new volunteers all the time. If you wish to volunteer you must speak to and be approved by the Animal Control Supervisor, Dyanne Gibree. All volunteers must by 18 years of age or older, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. A copy of a valid driver’s license or ID, as well as paperwork, is required before anyone can become a volunteer.

Lost and Found

To report a lost or found pet in Bristol, please contact the shelter at 401-253-4834. After speaking with an Animal Controll Officer, please send us an email at or private message us on our Facebook page. We will post your animal on our Facebook page. Please include as much of the following as possible in your email or message:

-Recent photo of pet

-Name of Pet?



-Description of the fur… long or short haired, color, any identifying markings?

-Is he/she neutered or spayed?

-Is he/she wearing a collar? If yes, what color?

-Are there any tags on the collar? If yes what kind? Do they contain your contact info?

-FOR CATS ONLY… Is he/she declawed? If yes, fronts only or fronts and backs?

-Where was the pet last seen? Make sure to include as much info as possible: street names, direction of travel, town/city and state.

-How long has the pet been missing?

-Any additional information you feel may be relevant?

-Way to contact you if someone sees the pet or has them? We recommend phone number or email address.

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