Friends of the Bristol Animal Shelter

Happy Tails


Hachiko, or “Hhach pictureachi” for short, is a true “ugly duckling” turned swan story. He found his way to the shelter after he was left injured from being hit by a car. Bruised, scraped up, and underweight, it was clear that this big sweet boy just needed a little extra TLC. Despite his injuries and unsightly cuts around his head, it was nothing short of love at first sight when one of our volunteers first saw him. The connection was instant as all Hachi longed for was to cuddle and be loved. His owner recalls, “I knew as soon as he laid his head in my lap and looked up at me that he was going to be my dog. Out of all of the dogs I saw as a volunteer, there was just something special about him I couldn’t pass up. It was going to be me and him, my best buddy, no matter what.” Today, Hachi no longer has to worry about running the streets as he spends most of his days cuddled up and lounging on the couch. And his injuries? All have completely healed and he is now one handsome dog.



Tiffany, Tonka, Toyoda, and Thor 

4catsTiffany, Tonka, Toyoda, and Thor are all doing wonderful in their forever home and couldn’t be happier. As you can tell from the photos, they all LOVE to lounge in bed and snuggle with us. Toyoda rules the house and is often playing rough with Thor. Tonka loves to get attention and sleeping in her perch by the window; she has become so affectionate since her days as a semi-feral kitten in a 6 month quarantine. Toyoda, Thor, and Tonka LOVE playing with their feather bird toy. Tiffany thinks she’s the boss of the house (typical calico mentality) and is always eating! We are currently looking into programs for her to become a therapy pet as she loves going on adventures! We took her to see Santa this past Christmas to get her photo taken, and the photographer was amazed at how good she was! Our four babies are all a great example of how loving, loyal, and affectionate feral kittens become to their people! I can’t believe how fast they have all grown up, and I don’t know what I would do without them!

For recent photos of them (or to follow Tiffany’s adventure’s and future therapy fun) go like Tiffany’s Facebook page at:


“Daisy Darling” Now known to her family as “Babe”

In a society, the environment that we live in can dictate what we will become, and the course of our lives. In clean, safe surroundings, we are comfortable to be ourselves, and offer to those around us the best of what we are. We are healthy, happy and eager to give back to those that have made a positive impact on our lives. Meet Daisy Darling. Daisy Darling was a shelter transfer from a sister Rhode Island animal shelter that was in need of assistance due to construction. Housed in a large, oversized kennel, Daisy Darling was surrounded by much largdaisy darlinger, rather nasty dogs. She was afforded no bedding, no comforts, no sense of security and the food offered to her was a large morsel dog food. There for months, Daisy was thin, dirty and had eyes filled with a fear that was overwhelming. Her surroundings were covered in dry urine and waste. When approached, this thin, three pound terror screamed out as though she were possessed with the spirit of a werewolf. Unapproachable and frightened, Daisy Darling was lost, panicked and striking back at those trying to offer her help, but given her difficult disposition, even cleaning her cage put a caregiver at risk. Daisy’s care- givers had evaluated her as having a vicious nature. Bristol Animal Control saw that something special in Daisy Darling, and knew that there was more to this frightened companion animal. Daisy was carefully leashed and walked out of her dark surroundings. Once scooped up and held, she buried her head and shook, looking up just once to kiss a cheek. Daisy Darling quickly adopted to her new surroundings, following staff and volunteers, eager to jump up and offer excited kisses. Daisy has been fully vetted, groomed, and adjusted quite well to life in the office. True to the mission statement of the Friends and Bristol Animal Shelter, in two short days, she found her forever home. In her new home Daisy now called Babe. She has flourished and has healed the hearts of her new owners. They thought they could never love again after their loss of their beloved pet, but Babe taught them that love lives on in their hearts always. Babe brings joy to them every day of their lives and they feel lucky have her.



Maxwell, Cami and Ella
Kittens pretty trio 1 12-4-13May 20, 2013 we said goodbye to our beloved almost 15 year old Dalmatian. Our house was incredibly empty. We had discussed adopting kittens to fill the void. We had always had cats and missed their energy in the house. Our previous cats had all been so wonderful and we had lost them to old ages. If anything can help with grief, it’s kittens. I started to message Lori Martinez at Bristol Animal Shelter to see if there were any kittens available and erased the message. It had only been a few days since losing Lizzie. But then I retyped it again and sent it off. In my mind I thought it would be nice to have two female kittens as we had done in the past. Lori immediately answered that they had some kittens that were being bottle fed by a volunteer (Ellen O’Neill) who also happened to work at our Vet’s Kittens pretty trio 1 12-4-13office. There were 2 females and a male. I asked if we could take the females…thinking we would just do what we had done before. My husband wouldn’t hear of leaving the male behind. It was settled then and there that we would take all three when they were old enough to come home. It was the best thing we ever could have done. I was able to visit them and was shocked at how tiny they were. They were just starting to have wet food mixed with kitten milk replacement. They fit in the palm of your hand. They must have been between 4 and 5 weeks old then. At 7 weeks with the approval of their Vet Dr Grossi we were allowed to take them home. It was so intense at first because of their sizes and they needed extra attention and monitoring which was just what we needed. I brought them in for extra check-ups and weigh-ins for a few weeks until they really started to grow. We had spent the last 6 months intensively caring for our dog in her declining health. These kittens filled a huge hole in our hearts and gave us a great focus. Maxwell, Ella and Cami came home to stay. They rescued us. The weeks and months have gone by so fast and they are such characters. Just totally wonderful family members now. We can’t imagine not having them with us. On April 20th they were one year old. They are beautiful, fun loving, happy, affectionate cats. We have screened in a deck for them for some outdoor time when the weather is warmer, they have shelves on the walls around the house to climb on and they just enjoy every day. They keep us entertained and we love their individual personalities. Maxwell is a big gentle tiger, Cami is a solid grey comedian, and Ella a solid black beauty is the snuggler with the loudest purr. I can’t say enough about the wonderful people at Bristol Animal Shelter and the staff of Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic. We are very lucky to have them in our lives.

unnamedBefore her rescue, there seemed to be no good answer, no good reason as to why Reba was alive. Her life had no reason. She received nothing from her family, no nourishment for her body or soul. In return, believing that she was nothing, she gave nothing to her humans. She just existed, she just was. And Reba believed that was what her life was meant to be. Life as Reba knew it was to barely exist inside dark, cramped rooms that was shared with too many humans, too many animals. The air was thick and pungent with rotting layers of debris, waste, and filth. Food was something that would fall on the floor and belonged to the one that grabbed it first. At only 18 months old she had already had a total of 9 children. Thin and sickly, she could barely care for herself, and lived with the shame of losing half her puppies. The life Reba knows now is wonderful. She has discovered that she is special, that she has worth. She has enjoyed so many things that she would have never thought possible. Rescued and at the Bristol Animal Shelter, Reba’s broken spirit was mended through kindness, gentle words and touches. She enjoyed all the simple things that give a companion animal happiness. Reba finally meant something to someone. She had friends, and discovered that she had as much to offer as to accept. Reba would have never guessed she could feel like she does today, that there is hope, kindness, and a future….. Reba has begun her new life with her new name, Trixie, and is with her forever family, who absolutely adore her.

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